Monday, September 01, 2008

Stories #8 and #9

Keeping Iraqis honest at the pump

Troops prep for Ramadhan

The main pic for the gas story is on the web site's front page for the moment (and on the front of the print edition; about time I did something good enough for that). It'll probably be a few days before I get anything else in, since I'm gonna be moving again in a few hours.


MomShane said...

Three weeks left! Stories/pix great. Stay safe.

captnawsomesdad said...

I heard that Saudi Arabia has gas for 80 some cents a gallon. Maybe Iraq should import some.
We went bowling with the Garrity (HJ) and Garrity (JD) clans. Kate made a 4-7-10 split. That's a pretty good one. I had a ball bounce out of the gutter and knock down 5 pins. Of course, I planned it that way. Bumper bowling looked like fun but they wouldn't let me use that lane. I think that bowling after Beth & Tom's wedding will be VERY interesting.
Phils earned a split with the Cubs. I consider that a success. Eagles coming up on Sunday. Someone in the FFL stole Deshawn out from under me. We're enjoying the stories. We don't get this point of view in the general press. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Ramadan, dude.

Uncle GutterBall said...

We had a good time bowling with the Shanes and the HJ Garritys.
I reinforced my affirmation to be a 'pin-pacifist'. Singlehandly, I managed to save the lives of many pins and still 'spared' few of them. I'm afraid of the post wedding bowling. I am

The Phillies are onto the Nationals. Hopefully they can take advantage of them and improve their chances.

The stories have been good. Cover story too, excellent.

School starts tomorrow for our kids. This is always a fun day for all.
Stay safe.

uncle wrong approach said...

phillies suck.

bowling sucks.the heel came off my bowling shoe.aunt denise bowling shoes were to slick for composit approaches.we both had to rent alley shoes.mine were a half size too small with velcro and someones name on them.i think his name was rental.when we bowled in a league we made fun of people wearing rental shoes.

your mom n dad suck at bowling. kate is the only one with talent.uncle joe needs needs major help n aunt suzy had way too much fun.abby n ollie just humored us for the first game.then in second they threw a 250 plus each.look out ESPN

quinsanity sets in said...

um, this is awesome:

momshane said...

Sorry that you don't like the cell phone service: it must be a lot like our phone service (not to be named!) here, esp the service in the Poconos. Hope that you are doing well. Only 20 more days.