Sunday, August 31, 2008

Story #7

Calm has market back in business

There's also an audio clip on that page (apparently I can edit audio even in Iraq) and a photo gallery over here. All fun stuff.


MomShane said...

Hey! Pix are interesting, it is really crowded in that market. Story good, also. My favorite comic "For Better or Worse" tied up all of the story lines today. Lynn Johnston is still going to be writing "as the story begins again...with new insights and new smiles." We'll have to see what that means. Miss you.

beth said...

hey - pix are great! it's really alarming to see kids walking around the armed soldiers w/o even giving them any thought - pretty powerful images.

captnawsomesdad said...

Hey Capt'n Good story and pics. They reminded me of Israel with the troops intermingling with the residents. Of course, Isreal didn't have the barriers and tanks.
Your voice on the audio makes you sound like you're in a tunnel. lol It's good to know that things are getting better over there.
Phils won and the Mets lost.

Lari said...

What a compelling article and audio. Pix were amazing. As we sit in the comfort of our homes, writers like you afford us the luxury of knowing, firsthand, what transpires in faraway regions. Your presentation of Minogue, the teen, was beyond description. Thanks Hon.
~and thanks for the SI decision. You gave us a good start! Go Bucks!