Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trip to the DVD store

Iraqi bootleg "12 in 1 comedy collection, vol. 16" includes:

** Animal House
** Police Academy 1
** Police Academy 2
** Police Academy 3
** Police Academy 4
** Police Academy 5
** Police Academy 6
** From Justin To Kelly
** Four movies I've never heard of

Sounds like it should be in the horror category instead. I mean, the horror DVD I picked up has Hot Shots 1 and 2 on it, and it's less scary than everything except Animal House on the comedy one...


quinning couple said...

Hey man, great reporting and photos. It's nice to see progress being made and will be good to talk to you when you get home about the effect of our eventual leaving.

from justin to kelly just made me laugh : )


beth said...

ummm... from justin to kelly is not a comedy - it's a serious look at the challenges singing teens face growing up in the third-world-like atmosphere of miami beach. there is nothing to laugh about here.

MomShane said...

Enjoyed reading the stories!
I am surprised that Beth and Tom and Capt Awesome aren't more excited about the local boy's only movie.

Uncle Justin and Aunt Kelly said...

OK. 4 words from Clinton's administration. "Don't ask, don't tell." I think this covers the Justin and Kelly movie. That is this generations' equivalent of Judy Garland.
I think Police Academy movies after Police Academy 3 are used to decoy the enemy. Anyone who can answer challenge questions from a border guard about PA 3-5 is obviously studying these movies for counter intelligence.
We are watching the Phillies here. They are busy trying to come back from a 7-0 deficit.
I remembered just now that we forgot and left a bag of potatoes in the Awesome parent's vacation house. They read this blog more than email so I hope that isn't a problem. We intended to use them to teach Mozart to fetch potatoes after hours and submit our results to the discovery channel or America's funniest home videos, depending on how horrifying the tape is.
Instead Mozart taught Aunt Sue to pet her, how to go up and down the spiral staircase, how to feed her at 3 am, and how to go out and monitor her late night potty breaks. The cat drools. What cat drools?

destroyer of worlds said...

well, you can thank me. i turned the game on in the bottom of the 11th and it seemed to do the trick....

I'm sure this will fit mozart, right?


quintomulous said...

the judy garland link made me laugh. well played.

Daddy Blogger said...

There were six Police Academy movies? Really? I thought they just gave up midway through Part 5 and literally abandoned cameras and crews on Miami Beach. Did Bobcat Goldthwaite even stick around for Part 6?