Saturday, August 30, 2008

Story #6

Sons of Iraq shift to new role

Likely another one tomorrow, but I wrote them both days ago. I don't even remember what's in there. It might be about Iraq, or it might be about the Browns chances of making the playoffs.


MomShane said...

Interesting article. It is a quiet Saturday here so far. We are thinking about you! And praying for Bill!

Kate said...

Yesterday I was helping all the residents make a lush pineaple cake for my activity, and they though it looked soo good that they all wanted to eat the whole thing right away and TJ was very please and though I did a great job!

beth said...

hey, nice article. good picture - can't wait to see more. make sure to take a picture of the closet you slept in... good times. is it just like the border inn?!?

Ummm, yeah, i didn't read yesterday's blog until today (b/c tom and i were picking out our weding bands!), and i'm a bit concerned about what you're doing over there. Dude, you're in IRAQ... do you really have nothing better to do than write this sick essay on who you think is going to win the fantasy football league??? you, my friend, have serious issues.

p.s. - we're going to try to kidnap your wife tonight and take her to a bowling alley in a row home around the corner from our apartment - don't worry, we'll take you when you come home!

quint said...

in case anyone missed it in the comments section yesterday, i was thrilled to see that leo and jo are doing their best to push new vocab words on the masses.

leo, if you could also work it into one of your stars n stripes stories that would be awesome. I'm kind of disappointed that you didn't ask Obama if he through McCain was gaytarded.