Monday, August 18, 2008

So far today

130am -- land in Baghdad, get told I'll need to hop on another flight to get registered.

330am -- give up on next flight coming before morning, go in search of a bed and a shower.

430am -- find both.

730am -- get up, eat a leisurely breakfast.

830am -- wander back towards the airport terminal.

917am -- arrive at airport terminal.

918am -- get told I'm scheduled for a flight leaving in 30 seconds.

919am -- follow my escort (sprinting) across the runway towards the helicopters.

920am -- get seated in helicopter, wait for crew to close the side door.

921am -- make mental note to launch an in-depth investigation on why there isn't enough military funding to put side doors on these things.

922am -- take off. Get my first view of Baghdad from 400 feet above the ground. It looks very dusty, but that might have something to do with the helicopter.

950am -- arrive at destination. Wait for next escort.

1145am -- escort arrives. Glad I rushed for that flight.

1200pm -- arrive at destination (for today, another flight tomorrow). Realize it's only noon...


mrs shayle said...

A couple of things in there actually pass for good news. Good Leo. You can have some more doritos. Be safe. We miss you

KidSmartyPants said...

I thought the unstated motto of all US military is "hurry up and wait?" I guess they make their press live by that as well.

Stay cool and stay safe, cap'n.

MomShane said...

Hey, sounds good so far. Take care of yourself. Eat some fruit and some yogurt, they are good for you! Guess what, the State is here at SHE. I know, you think that they are here all of the time, but they really aren't(!!!!)

Capt. Awesome said...

Pauly, it's not so much an unstated motto as it is a weel-known and openly discussed one.

beth said...

man, i thought my monday morning was one of the more hectic and annoying ones in a while... thanks for once again proving that you'll always one-up me:)

forget fruit and yogurt - eat more doritos:)

Capt'nawsomesdad said...

Hey Capt'n, you couldn't have this much fun if you were at Dorney park. I think their highest roller coaster is only 70 ft high. lol
I'm now in Phoneix. They are having a cool spell. It will only reach 106 today and tomorrow. Be safe, Dad

bob said...

Glad to hear from you again, Leo!

Be careful and enjoy the snack chip of your choosing--that's what America is all about, as far as I can remember. I probably should have taken better notes in high school.

quinvasion of the body snatchers said...

i'm stuck on the fact that they have "escorts" in iraq. isn't that how we lost Nam?

beth just told me i'm being inappropriate, but i'm weighing that against making you laugh.