Monday, August 11, 2008

Here we go again

First the awesome news – If I haven’t told you about it yet, please go here and here.

Pretty cool, huh? I’m really full of myself right now.

Then the less awesome news – I’m flying out to Germany this Wednesday, and I’ll be going into Iraq a few days later.

All of you know the deal: Every two years or so, every reporter who works at my paper spends six weeks downrange to report on the troops (that's what we do after all) and what's going on there. It’s not why I took the job, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but it is important work. And as I told Bobert’s mom this weekend, if they sent someone else the writing wouldn’t be as good, because I’m awesome.

I’m scheduled back in the states on Sept. 23, which means I’ll be gone for three Eagles games and a bunch of critical Phillies match-ups. Both teams will still be in first when I leave the country. You all are in charge of keeping it that way.

I’ll have email and I’ll plan on updating the blog again, although circumstances and reliable internet access could limit that. I’ll try and do my weekly NFL wrap ups for my three fans out there (thanks, moms!) but it’ll probably be a little different than in the past. But say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed and I’ll be back before anyone notices I’m gone.

And this all means it’ll be that much sweeter when I win the fantasy football league, because I’ll be able to say I’m awesome no matter what continent I’m on.

All of you stay safe until I get back, and start planning a late Labor Day party for the end of September.


MomShane said...

Looking forward to your daily (I hope!) postings and to your quick and safe return. I don't know what I can do about keeping the football team in first place. Should I bake them something? Sprinkle holy water over the TV when they are playing?

Capt. Awesome said...

Holy water couldn't hurt...

bob said...

You'll be in my prayers over these six weeks. I know you wanted me to send some mean emails so, here goes:

You'll probably finish _second_ in fantasy football! Ha! (I'm a bit rusty. Working on it.)

beth said...

Wait a minute... If you leave, who's going to tell me when the next re-play of olympic synchronized diving is taking place? Isn't that the really important question here?!

Safe Travels:)

Uncle Joe said...

They Screwed up already. The Phillies are in second place.

This is unacceptable and the Drexel Hill Garrity's will be watching carefully and harassing Ryan Howard virtually to make sure he has better at bats.

They were some pretty exiting interviews. There were some questions that were left out that I wanted to know..

For McCain- At what age did your doctor switch you to the multivitamin with formaldehyde?

For Obama- When will the next replay of synchronized swimming take place ?

Holy water on the TV? OK, even holy water does not mix with electricity. I suggest using Dehydrated Holy Water.

Be safe. Looking forward to future posts.