Sunday, August 24, 2008

Actual dinner menu tonight

++ Salad*
++ Rib-eye Steak
++ Breaded Shrimp
++ Lobster Claws*
++ Rice Pilaf
++ Taco Platter*
++ Pineapple/fruit medley
++ Blueberry pound cake
++ Dirt**

* -- Offered, not eaten
** -- After-dinner, non-optional snack.


bob said...

Man, free non-optional dirt! You are gonna be so disappointed by plain ol' domestic dirt. Bon appetit!

beth said...

that's quite the feast! mom will be very excited that you got to eat blueberry pound cake and fruit (but i'll lie and tell her you ate the salad too).

we had shrimp and watermelon salad tonight, which sounds disgusting, but is actually quite delicious. (well, i ate it - tom doesn't eat anything that ever had a shell or seeds.)

you need to find some condiments to go with all the dirt you're eating so that you don't get bored of it too quickly. can i suggest a little grey poupon?