Saturday, August 23, 2008

What are you people doing?

On Aug. 11 I asked all of you to take care of the Eagles and Phillies while I was gone. Since then:

-- The Phils are batting somewhere around .200.
-- They've dropped 3.5 games in the standings.
-- WR Kevin Curtis got injured.
-- You killed S Brian Dawkins.
-- The U.S. baseball team lost its chance at a gold medal.
-- QB Donovan McNabb threw up (probably).

I don't know what you all are doing back there, but stop it. I've got 30 days left until I get back. Just stop it.


beth said...

i didn't really think that your requests were directed at me, so frankly, i haven't been paying attention to any of these things over the past two weeks.

but since the people who SHOULD HAVE been paying attention have clearly let you down, i'll gladly step in to save the day... i think i can get shane vic's phone # - does that help in any way?

and brian dawkin's isn't dead - i checked - he's just acting like a baby... so i'll see if i can track him down too and tell him to knock it off.

as for the olympic team, there's nothing i can do... it's over, deal with it. we have more medals than anyone, so let's just focus on that. k?

now on to more important news... they knocked off the only talented designer on project runway the day you left, and it's been down hill ever since. way to go. thanks a lot.

hope it's cooler today:)

uncle won derful said...

phillies won n eagles won.SO QUIT YOUR WHINNING!
Beth i saw project runway and cried at the outcome.
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Low Self Esteem said...

I have to agree with Uncle Wonderful. Phillies won 9-2 today. Doesn't get much better than that. Well, they could be in first place. Dawkins got hurt ?
That's bad. Just read the article.

Good news. Mom and Dad Awesome took us to Boulder Field (I have never been there) I'm pretty sure that we can level that out and make a nice floor out of it.

Bad news. We made a lot of chili over the weekend, and um, well, let's just say that there is a small air quality problem in this area. You know how the Cuyahoga River actually caught fire ? I wouldn't light a flame anywhere up here.

quinfectious disease said...

dude, your folks are holding out on me. they take uncle low-self esteem, and yet I've never been, probably for fear that i would break a leg or face.

make sure that ever time you challenge some soldiers to a game of pool you wink and yell "I Rack!" waka waka.

Kate said...

Mom,Dad and I really wore our selves out when we were in the poconoes this weekend. We went Kanoebles one day the whole time. then we went to bolder Field. At one point I wound up sleep walking!