Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, beautiful rain

Germany is cold and miserable today --- exactly what I was hoping to see after 25 days above 95 degrees.

But more importantly, I get to walk around in it, because my flight arrived safely and I'm resting comfortably at Ramstein AFB as I type. Last night's USF-Kansas game is on the TV, and there's pizza around the corner that I've already scoped out for lunch.

Flight home is still scheduled for Monday, and I still have some office work to do tomorrow, but I'm nice and relaxed at the moment. And clean. Dear gawd, that was a lot of dust and sand.


Lari said...

Keep headin' West, Kiddo!

bob said...

Hooray for temperate zones!!!

Hooray for pizza (not Gieuseppe's, but it's better than sand and/or dirt)!!!

Hooray for being one step closer to home!!!

Enjoy Deutschland, and see you soon!

captnawsomesdad said...

Captn Rain is good and temperatures below 95 are even better. Enjoy the weather. Don't eat too much pizza. You may regret it on the flight home.
If you haven't heard, the Raven - Texans game is cancelled for this week. Those teams have a bye and will use their bye weeks to make it up. Check your football rosters. Phils won, Mets lost but are playing another Saturday night. 2 back as of now. Have fun.