Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Looking south

I've already made the jump up to Taji, but wanted to take one last look back at dear old southern Baghdad...

Yep, that's pretty much it -- searing sun and concrete walls everywhere. I actually saw a field with green stuff in it today and almost cried.


beth said...

beautiful picture! i hope the "green stuff" you saw was in the form of grass or weeds or something like that, and not some other mysterious green stuff:)

you know, pigs roll around in mud to stay cool... if you have a little water and a lot of dirt(which i hear there's plenty of there) you could try it out to see if it works - make sure to take a picture of that!

tom left for toranto this morning, so his comments might be a bit sparse this week. i'll do my best to fill in the gaps, but i can't guarantee the same level of intelligence or creativity:)

chief brody said...

so quint is not going to grace us with his blubbering bullstuff.thank god!i saw jaws 100 times n he got bitten in half 99 times.one time he got away.i was rooting for the shark.beth if tom went to canada the the city is spelled TORONTO.its an indian word that means he who has dry farts is lucky brave.leo the thing about the pigs n water n dirt n staying cool is more bullpoopie.but it would make a cool picture.ok i got to go........hooper is stuck it the shark cage again.he only died once in all the times i watched jaws

Lari said...

Ok, I'll cheer on your Phillies, but, I'm not gonna become a MLB fan. It's bad enuf you and Jo got me hooked on NFL. Sleep tite!

captnawsomesdad said...

Hey Capt'n
Since Tom left for Tomato, I thought I'd help Beth pick up the slack. Did you realize that you are now in Mesopotimia? You're also in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. In case you forgot, the Garden of Eden was supposed to have been somewhere near there. Do you see any apple trees? DON'T EAT THE APPLES.
WOW, the next time you read the bible, you can say "I've been there".

Lari said...

Congrats on your Phillies win! As far as the oven goes, Joe and I were amazed at yesterday's temps. 123 Hi and 88 Lo. ~We think u should eat the bacon next time around. (Can we send you a salt lick?) xo!

Uncle Spelling Rules said...

Have Tom say hello to 'America the Afterthought for me'
If you leave some food in your car for a week, you can make green stuff. Can you let the people over there know that they are missing a 'u' in the name of their country?
After Q comes a U

Capt. Awesome said...

I'll run it by the ministry of spelling.