Friday, September 05, 2008

Watching stupid Eli

Got up at 2am this morning to see the first real football of the season, and found a pair of soldiers (a Dolphins fan and a Cowboys fan) as dumb as me doing the same thing. I'm trying to get a story in tomorrow's paper about it, but here's what we talked about, in order, without any prompting from me:

-- How everyone was a Giants fan for just one day last year
-- How the Eagles desperately need better wide receivers
-- How Barry Sanders was better than Emmitt Smith
-- Why Dan Marino never had a running game
-- How much of a blowhard T.O. is

So, basically, I spent the middle of the night hanging around with the black, Army version of Dad and Mr. Harris. And, just like at home, we all agreed that Marino was the best QB we've ever seen.


beth said...

i tried to watch the game last night, fell asleep, and woke up to mccain speaking. i was very confused as to how he got on that football field so quickly:)

fingers, toes and eyes crossed - so hurry up... i'm afraid i might go blind ;b

momshane said...

Happy to hear of the change in your departure plans. Hope that you don't mind, I sent the blanket that the ladies and Katie made you to Elizabeth DiFulvio today, with a note explaining why she was getting a blanket when she is in the middle of the desert.
I think Marino was one of the cuter QBs, does that count?

captnawsomesdad said...

I believe I have done a pretty good job raising my children (with a little help from my wife, lol). They know right from wrong, they know to treat others as they would be treated and they know that the Dallas Cowboys are the root of all evil.
There is one area that I have failed in and will have to put up with as long as I live. Dan Marino is the most overated quaterback in history. No ifs, ands or buts. It's a FACT. Btw, two guys named Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris would dispute the comments about the Dolphins not having a ground game. Anyway, Brett has now broken Dan's records so we don't have to talk about him anymore.