Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2010 fantasy recap, week 8

The Vikings on Monday made the surprising decision to cut WR Randy Moss just four weeks after trading for him (I hope that third-round pick was worth his 13 catches and two TDs). Moss sits in sixth place on the NFL’s all-time receiving yards list and second on the all-time receiving TDs list, but has been known for a host of off-the-field issues. So, where could he end up next?

** Cincinnati Bengals: If they were willing to put T.O. and Chad Johnson on the same team, how could Randy Moss create a bigger distraction?

** New England Patriots: Don’t discount the possibility that this was all an elaborate Bill Belichick ruse to rent out his star WR for two weeks.

** Omaha Nighthawks: The independent United Football League? Hey, QB Jeff Garcia, RB Ahman Green and RB Maurice Clarett are on their active roster.

** Birmingham Barons: Nah, it’d be ridiculous for star from another sport to sign with the Chicago White Sox’ minor league baseball team and expect to succeed.

** St. Louis Rams: The Rams are a slightly less talented version of the Omaha Nighthawks.

** Philadelphia Eagles: And they’ll start him at quarterback.

QB: David Garrard, 38.60 pts -- sitting on Jim's bench
RB: Arian Foster, 29.53 pts -- started by Joel
WR: Calvin Johnson, 33.73 pts -- started by Bobert
TE: Jason Whitten, 22.47 pts -- started by NewMike
K: Dan Carpenter, 19.00 pts -- started by Jim
DEF: Green Bay, 23.00 pts -- started by ChampMike
D: Ndamukong Suh, 14.00 pts -- sitting on the wire

Jim also lost his start WR from last week, Kenny Britt, to an injury on Sunday. So, please send your condolence cards directly to him.

"All around crappy" edition
3rd Place: Sammie Stroughter, -0.42 pts -- sitting on the wire
2nd Place: Minnesota, -1.00 pts -- sitting on NewMike's bench
1st Place: David Gettis, -1.10 pts -- started by Paul

Surprisingly not on the list? Maryland Racial Slurs QB Rex Grossman, who was worth -0.21 fantasy pts this week but worth -6 points in real life. On his first play of the game, late in the fourth quarter, Grossman was sacked, fumbled the ball, and watched helplessly from the ground as the Lions returned it for a TD.

For the record, Paul started the worst player of the week, and Jeff forgot to start a defensive player yet again.

First, the NFL: On Sunday, the Bills and Chiefs went into overtime, had a little back and forth, missed two field goals, and then the Chiefs kicked a game-winning 35-yard FG with no time left on the clock. Yawn.

Compare that to the Florida-Georgia college football game the night before. In college football, both teams get to put their offense on the field, starting at the 25 yard line, and they keep playing until one team outscores the other. Georgia was up first, and on third down from the 25 they threw an awful pick that was returned 89 yards by a Florida CB to the opposite four-yard line. So Florida took over possession.

At their 25 yard line, of course.

If the cornerback had scored, the game would have been over, with Florida winning by six. But, since the pick was merely a 89-yard change of possession, Florida's offense got the ball at the 25, as the rules dictate.

Gotta love any situation where a team returns a ball almost the entire length of the field and gets nothing for it. Florida won, by the way, on a short field goal.

Take your pick of what was dumbest: Here's ESPN analyst and former Super Bowl coach John Gruden, during Monday night's game:

"I still believe this game is going to come down to scoring touchdowns in the red zone."
I guess it could come down to field goals from the 40 instead...

"I say send Vonte Leach to the beach! That's the Pro Bowl."
No, that's just awful rhyming.

"When Peyton Manning sees man to man, he takes shot plays at you. He goes for the throat."
I have no idea what that means.

Bets you should have made at the start of the season:

** Both Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb will be sitting on the bench by week 9.

** Halfway through the season, the top WR in the league will be Broncos journeyman Brandon Lloyd.

** Saints RBs Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush won't top 175 rushing yards combined by week 8, but Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles will top 175 in week 8 alone.

** The Cowboys will start the year 1-6.

When QB Tony Romo went down last week, many pundits wondered if the team could rally back for a respectable season. All eyes turned to new Cowboys QB Jon Kitna, but after Sunday’s loss the experts should have been looking at the new backup QB, Stephen McGee. Why? Look at what his name clearly spells out:

Dallas Cowboys new backup Stephen McGee
** See capable play? We schmucks got owned. N.B. **

N.B., of course, is the Latin phrase “nota bene” or “note well.” That’s a surprising level of education for a Cowboys backup. Unfortunately, that book learning ain’t winning games right now for the boys.

Click on the image below to make it bigger.

Another good week for Bob pushes him further into first, while the residents here at Fort Awesome continue to tumble down the charts. And don't look now, but Jeff might be making a move ... if he can remember to set his roster.

** Hey, anybody know how that World Series is going? Did they start playing yet? Nah, I don't really care either.

** Dad and I split on the week, but I'm calling it a moral victory because the two I got right were the Lions over the Maryland Racial Slurs and the Jaguars over the Cowgirls. I feel like that deserves a bonus point or two.

** If you're online Tuesday night, you might as well stop over here to see my professional blogging life. I'm just saying, I could use the numbers.

** Don't forget to vote today ... for the top rookie player of the NFL's week 8. You can cast your critically important tally over at the NFL site. I think that's the only significant election today...


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