Sunday, February 03, 2008

Liveblogging the big game

Here’s my take on Today’s Super Bowl, as it unfolds:

3:00 pm – I’m confused why the game is starting so early, but here’s the opening whistle and it’s on! I wonder what happened to the next three hours of nonsense that was supposed to be on.

3:04 pm – The Giants have the ball and should be furious with the refs: Patriots S Rodney Harrison just bit QB Eli Manning in the ear, then tossed him upside down. No flag. Way to have the A crew calling the game, NFL.

3:05 pm – Speaking of calling the game, I’m surprised that Harry Kalas is the announcer. Where is Joe Buck? Troy Aikman? I’m not complaining, but something about this game just seems really off.

3:07 pm – Now LB Mike Vrabel is biting Manning, and the refs still aren’t doing anything! Unbelievable. Manning just bit him back, right on the hairy scruff of his neck. Good for him. He still has that vacant look on his face though – you’d think this rough play would wake him up a little.

3:10 pm – Giants DE Michael Strahan looks better with a beard (a really full one too) but the dog collar seems like a bit much to me. Eli seems to be wearing one too, but he looks the same as every other game day.

3:11 pm – Sorry, kids; Jo just came in and said this was the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, not the Super Bowl. I thought Strahan looked surprisingly good. And the Patriots defense doesn’t usually bite that much in the first quarter. My bad.


Tom Brady said...

Am I still greatest quarterback of all time?????????YES and i know it.

KidSmartyPants said...

But did you see the Kitten Half Time show? That was Jenn's favorite part of the night.