Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Appreciate the last days of the season

A lot of folks will try to convince you this week that next Sunday isn't important.

They'll tell you the Sunday after the Super Bowl never matters. They'll tell you you just watched a great football championship game, and it's time to leave the past behind. They'll tell you none of the players are thinking about Sunday. They'll tell you the Sixers and Flyers are having good years, and you should start focusing solely on them. They'll tell you it's time to let the season go.

These people are wrong.

Next Sunday is about the fans. It's about appreciating the success and failures of the season. It's about looking back objectively and appreciating what the hometown team accomplished. It's about admitting that everything wasn't perfect, but in the end the ride was more than you hoped for. It's about seeing your team making a run and making the whole city proud.

So next Sunday is important. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Make sure your friends stop and enjoy it too.

Because not every Sunday is the 100-day anniversary of the Philadelphia Phillies' triumphant World Series parade down Broad Street. It's the first 100 days of a new, curse-free city. It's 100 days of being on top. It's 100 days of freedom.

Wait, you thought I was talking about the Pro-Bowl?

Hell, no. Nobody watches that crap anymore.

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