Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun facts about Super Bowl XLIII

Think a match-up between Phoenix and Pittsburgh can't make for an exciting championship game? Think again! Here are some fun facts about Sunday's big game so you can quiz your friends and keep you riveted to the screen:

** The Cardinals haven't always been in Arizona, you know. Before 1988 they played in Missouri as the St. Louis Cardinals, and before that in Illinois as the Chicago Arizonas. Weird, huh?

** This will be the Steelers seventh Super Bowl, and if they win they'll become the first franchise to get six Super Bowl trophies. So start the "one for the other thumb" chants now.

** Looking for former Eagles to root for on Sunday? How about Philly greats WR Sean Morey and CB Matt Ware of the Cardinals? Or P Mitch Berger of the Steelers? Who could forget his five games with the Birds in 1994?

** This will be the first football championship handed out since the Philly Soul won the Arena Bowl last summer. And it's be the first major sports championship handed out since the Phillies won the World Series. No, as a matter of fact the BCS doesn't count.

** Did you know Larry Fitzgerald's father is a well-respected Minnesota sportswriter? And his mother is Neil Diamond!

** Mike Tomlin? Yeah, he's killed men with his stare. Through the TV even.

** This is only the second time in NFL history that two Super Bowl-winning QBs have squared off against each other in the big game. The last time we had such great QBs squaring off? Kerry Collins vs Trent Dilfer in 2001. Those guys were amazing.

** You know what would have been more exciting than a Steelers-Cardinals game? Anything! Seriously, is the Puppy Bowl still on?


Siegel said...

Really fun fact...Steelers are Super Bowl champs!

Capt. Awesome said...

Yep -- the refs gave them another one.