Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clear, concise research

The Eagles will likely make a decision this week whether to re-sign their longest-tenured and most popular player, S Brian Dawkins. To help with that decision, I humbly submit the following data.

12 years before Dawk: 107-99-2 regular season record (.514)
12 years with Dawk: 116-90-2 regular season record (.556)

12 years before Dawk: 2-6 in the playoffs
12 years with Dawk: 10-8 in the playoffs

12 years before Dawk: 0 NFC champs, 0 Super Bowl visits
12 years with Dawk: 5 NFC champs, 1 Super Bowl visit

12 years before Dawk: 989-1050 Phils record, 0 champs
12 years with Dawk: 1053-1061 Phils record, 1 championship

12 years before Dawk: Zero Arena Bowl Championships
12 years with Dawk: One Arena Bowl Championship

12 years before Dawk: Median Philly income of $24,041 (1990)
12 years with Dawk: Median Philly income of $37,565 (2007)

12 years before Dawk: Average Philly temp of 53.7 F (1984)
12 years with Dawk: Average Philly temp of 54.6 F (2000)

So Philadelphia is warmer, richer and has more championships since Dawkins arrived from Georgia. I think next move for Philadelphia is pretty obvious.

UPDATE: Got the years right on this, finally.


bob said...

I'm all for Dawk staying, but the Phils have one championship during the 16 years before Dawk's tenure with the Eagles.

bob said...

Um, scratch that. But your Eagles's regular season stats total 13 seasons, not 16. In any case, the point is I should not be up this late. And Dawk needs to stay.

Siegel said...

Gannett Corp. stock price when the Siegel-Shane left and Columbus Bureau closed down for good in the summer of 2004: $84.

Gannett Corp stock today: $3.72 cents.

Now THAT was a bad free agent decision.

Capt. Awesome said...

Thanks for the catch, Bob -- the info in there was all correct, but for some reason I typed 16 instead of 12. I guess I need more sleep too.

And Jim, that's a great call. But my Gannett stock is still worth the same as when I left in 2004, right? Right? Oh.