Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Suggested Viewing

Suggested television viewing for Sunday, Feb. 3

12 pm – AMC; Death Wish
Appropriate because when most of the country heard yet another significant sporting event would come down to the undeserving fans of New York and the undeserving fans of Boston, we wished for death as well.

2 pm – ABC; NBA (Dallas at Detroit)
It’s always easy to root against any Dallas team, and the Mavs have been in a slump lately. This could be a preview of the NBA championship, if the Mavs can end the recent Dallas post-season choking trend.

5pm – NBC; Bull Riding (from North Carolina)
At least all the bull on this show won’t be about Eli Manning’s supposed skills.

6 pm – ESPN2; Strong Man marathon
You know what’s great about watching these steroid-laden man beasts slug it out in nonsensical competitions? They still have more integrity than the Patriots players.

8 pm – BBC; Dancing with the Stars
Jerry Rice vs. Emmitt Smith on Super Bowl Sunday, and both of them look like jackasses. How can you pass that up?

10 pm – Spike; When Animals Attack
I’m not positive, I believe this is a biography on New England DB Rodney Harrison.

11 pm – DSC; Mythbusters
Among the myths being tested: Successful NFL teams can call a running play on 3rd and one; Sacks don't count if your friend decides to take a dive to help you get the single-season record; Cheaters never win.

Please note: Avoid local Fox stations at all costs on this Sunday. No good can come from the sporting event being televised on that channel that day.

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