Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fantasy recap week #11

Things Donovan should learn about ties

-- Since the start of 1974, when the NFL implemented its current overtime system, there have been 17 tie games during the regular season.
-- The Eagles have been involved in four of them: in 1984, against the Lions; in 1986, against the Cardinals; in 1997, against the Ravens; and Sunday.
-- The Eagles four ties in the last 34 years are the most of any team except the Packers, who also have four.
-- In six of the 17 ties, the final score has been 10-10. The lowest scoring tie was a 7-7 game between the Giants and Maryland Racial Slurs in 1997.
-- College football no longer has ties because college football has a much more awesome overtime system than the NFL.
-- If there was any justice in the world, ties would be replaced with losses for both teams.

Top Performers

QB: Matt Cassell, 42.20 pts – started by Heidi
RB: Marshawn Lynch, 31.77 pts – started by Neal
WR: TJ Whosyourmama, 28.47 pts – started by Mike
TE: Ben Watson, 17.87 pts – sitting on the wire
K: Phil Dawson, 21.00 pts – sitting on the wire
D: Aaron Ross, 14.00 pts – sitting on the wire
DEF: NY Giants, 21.00 pts – started by Heidi
     Funny story – to win the week in my other league, all I needed was for Lynch to collect fewer than 14 points in the Monday night game. Wait, that’s not funny at all….

Worst Performers, “QBs so far this year” edition

3rd place (tie): Josh McCown, -0.30 pts – sitting on the wire
3rd place (tie): Cleo Lemon, -0.30 pts – sitting on the wire
2nd place: Patrick Ramsey -1.24 pts – sitting on the wire
1st place: Kellen Clemens -1.26 pts – sitting on the wire
     The race to see who the worst player of the year is still a tight one. On the season, Clemens has 26 passing yards, one pick and –3 yards rushing. Ramsey has 19 passing yards and a fumble, but is also out for the year and can’t improve on his stats. Here’s hoping the Jets can put Clemens in for at least one more pick to make things interesting.

Andy Reid Blown Call of the Week Award

     I had a couple different options for this one, so I decided it would end in a tie and we wouldn’t speak of it again.

Stupidest thing I heard this week

     You mean besides Donovan not knowing you could get a tie in pro football?
     How about Kenny Albert in that game, who announced at the end that “A tie is better than a loss but not as good as a win?”
     Nah, Donovan not knowing you could have a tie is still dumber.

Things you might not know about the 10-0 Tennessee Titans


Seriously, besides hearing that Kerry Collins is QB, do you know anything about this team? How are they still undefeated?

Dallas anagram insult of the week

     I actually wanted to say something nice about a Cowboy this week – their new offensive lineman, Kyle Kosier, is a journeyman who seems to have finally found a spot down in Dallas. And you feel even better about him when you rearrange “Starting Left Guard Kyle Blaine Kosier” you find out that…

     **Forget nuke: I beat, kill strangers daily**


Our standings so far

1st place: Cougar in Chief, Mike – 1416.57 pts
2nd place: Awesomenicity, Heidi – 1355.03 pts
3rd place: Ice Road Truckers, Dad – 1330.89 pts
     Still plenty of people within spitting distance of second place but Mike is pulling away in first place. We may need to think about a lead pipe to the knee soon.

News and Notes

-- Trade deadline coming up, Thursday night game this week, blah blah blah blah
-- Michigan-Ohio State this weekend. My betting advice is to take the Wolverines and the 67 points the oddsmakers are giving them. Wait, they aren’t picking the Buckeyes to win by eight touchdowns? Why not?
-- Phils are still world champions, by the way.

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