Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Eagles schedule is out today; Here's what it looks like:

Week 1 ---- Sunday, Sep 7 ---- vs Rams ---- 100pm
Last time they played the Rams on opening day, Eagles FB Cecil Martin had two TD catches … and Philly lost in OT.

Week 2 ---- Monday, Sep 15 ---- at Cowboys ---- 830pm
McNabb is 6-2 his last eight trips into the belly of the beast.

Week 3 ---- Sunday, Sep 21 ---- vs Steelers ---- 415pm
The inter-state rivalry hasn't taken place in Philly since 1997, even though the Eagles have played in Pitt twice since then. How come?

Week 4 ---- Sunday, Sep 28 ---- at Bears ---- 815pm
Maybe this year it'll only be a 90-yard game losing TD drive ...

Week 5 ---- Sunday, Oct 5 ---- vs DC ---- 100pm
The racial slurs' best record in the last decade? 10-6 in 1999.

Week 6 ---- Sunday, Oct 12 ---- at 49ers ---- 415pm
Who are you more excited to see: S Michael Lewis or QB Trent Dilfer?

Week 7 ---- Bye
That's a loss.

Week 8 ---- Sunday, Oct 26 ---- vs Falcons ---- 100pm
Now starting at QB ... Jeff George? Would it be worse?

Week 9 ---- Sunday, Nov 2 ---- at Seahawks ---- 415pm
That’s the fifth time in eight years they’ll play Seattle; They’re 2-2 so far.

Week 10 ---- Sunday, Nov 9 ---- vs Giants ---- 815pm
The Iggles don't play their closest rival until November -- Eli should be in full INT form by then.

Week 11 ---- Sunday, Nov 16 ---- at Bengals ---- 100pm
Prediction: After the game, Cincy WR Chad Johnson tries to sneak out of town on the Eagles' bus.

Week 12 ---- Sunday, Nov 23 ---- at Ravens ---- 100pm
This will be McNabb’s first game playing against his old team. Wait, they didn’t trade him to Baltimore? But ESPN said … nevermind.

Week 13 ---- Thursday, Nov 27 ---- vs Cardinals ---- 815pm
Da Birds are 3-1 on Thanksgiving, including a 27-0 shutout of the Cowboys in 1989.

Week 14 ---- Sunday, Dec 7 ---- at Giants ---- 100pm
Pearl Harbor Day up in New York. Nice.

Week 15 ---- Monday, Dec 15 ---- vs Browns ---- 830pm
I’m getting my "TO has BO sign" ready for this game, because it was them edumecated Browns fans who broke it out for the first time in 2004.

Week 16 ---- Sunday, Dec 21 ---- at DC ---- 100pm
Worst stadium I've ever been in, hands down. And I watched a little league game in Chile last week.

Week 17 ---- Sunday, Dec 28 ---- vs Cowboys ---- 100pm
Why must the NFL always ruin the holidays by scheduling an Eagles/Cowboys game in late December?

That's a weird schedule, kids; one back-to-back road trip, no back-to-back home games all year long. Right now you could convince me they're going 12-4 or 4-12, which sounds disturbingly like another 8-8 season.


mrs. shayle said...

Christmas is ruined for everyone. Again.

MomShane said...

Isn't it baseball season?