Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best names from the 2014 Olympics

Names that are too fun to say
-- Yumie Funayama (Japan, women's curling)
-- Byambadorji Bold (Mongolia, men's cross country)
-- Jenni Asserholt (Sweden, women's hockey)

Names that sound like they must mean something else
-- Havard Bokko (Norway, men's speed skating)
-- Karoly Gombos (Hungary, men's biathlon)
-- Anna Haag (Sweden, women's cross country)

Names that were changed just for the Olympics
-- Arielle Gold (USA, women's snowboard)
-- Gracie Gold (USA, women's figure skating)
-- Taylor Gold (USA, men's snowboard)

Names that sound like celebration cheers
-- Grete Gaim (Estonia, women's biathlon)
-- Beat Hefti (Switzerland, men's bobsled)
-- Tim Hug (Switzerland, men's nordic combined)

Names that should be even longer
-- Ida Ingemarsdotter (Sweden, women's cross country)
-- Thomas Hundertpfund (Austria, men's hockey)
-- Gerhard Unterluggauer (Austria, men's hockey)

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