Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leveraging new media

There's a new "decision making site" (no, not Bing -- every third answer there is a Microsoft web page) called Hunch that I stumbled across yesterday. So, to see how well it works, I thought I'd test it out in my quest to unshackle myself from the stinking Eagles and find a new (possibly Dawkins-laden?) team to root for.

Here's how it went.

Well, I'm looking for a new team based on a random web site's suggestion. I'm guessing it won't be a long-term commitment.

I'm very concerned about the environment.

The Phillies' starting pitchers and late-inning hitters have convinced me that defense is boring.

I said I was looking for a new team to root for, not looking for a way to become a Yankees fan.

I've got the Flyers, Sixers, Phillies and Soul (and soon to be the Philadelphia Union!) -- I think they're all human mascots. Better go with animals, just to be sure.

No way I'm watching most of my football on CBS. NFC it is.

Drumroll please ... and the results are ...

What? The Cardinals! I want a team that's going to be good in the short-term next year, not last year. What are my other options?

Eh, that's really more of a basketball area, isn't it? What's my guarantee that this team doesn't go all three-point field goals all the time on me? Next.

That's it, forget it. I'm done.

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