Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting ready for Draftsgiving 2009

We're just a few days from Draftsgiving, so it's time to start making your preparations. If that doesn't include a trip to Fort Awesome, here are a few changes from the past you need to be aware of:

** The draft starts at 4pm this year. This means the Eagles likely won't pick until after 7 pm. But drinking is still scheduled to commence at 11:45 am.

** Speaking of the Eagles, we're rooting for the Broncos this year. I think the reasons are pretty obvious. Appropriate attire will be your favorite Denver jersey. In lieu of that, pick the jersey of your favorite former Eagle.

** You still need at least three TVs to properly celebrate the holiday. Five is preferable. Seven is just ridiculous.

** There is only one obvious choice for the #1 pick this year. His name is Chase Utley. He already plays for your World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. His preferred sport is irrelevant.

** When in doubt, have another beer. Or another steak. Either will help you get in the holiday mood.

More instructions to come.

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