Monday, May 12, 2008

No Philly sports today!

Thanks to two playoff runs at the Wachovia Center and several scheduling quirks, today is the first time in 47 consecutive days (March 26, for those who want to check the math) that the Phillies, Flyers or Sixers aren't suiting up and competing against someone. And if you want to include the Phils spring training games, today is the first time in 78 days (Feb. 24) that there are no Philly scores to check on.

I can't imagine that's any sort of record -- in the fall, all four teams are playing at the same time, at least with pre-season games -- but it is a nice chance to calm down for a day.

Although, I had to see that stupid "T.O. acting" report all day, so my blood pressure is still up pretty high.

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mrs. shayle said...

I just heard about the T.O. acting gig from somebody at work. I was pretty sure he was already a sitcom character, so I'm a little confused.